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Let Us Deliver Sales Calls to Your Business

  • Complete campaign management to get more sales calls — FAST!
  • Target people actively looking for your type of business online.
  • See and hear who called you through your Scorecard.
  • And much more!

How it Works

  1. Our online experts create a specific online advertising campaign to showcase your business on Google™ search results to mobile phone users searching for your type of business.
  2. Mobile phone users look for your business with a Google™ search and view your advertisement with a click to call feature to deliver calls right to your business phone.
  3. Your business receives targeted calls from prospective customers.
  4. You get email alerts for all of your received/missed calls, and you can review your activity through an online Scorecard that shows calls received and missed as well as access to call recordings. You can see your investment at work for you!
  5. Your advertising plan is flexible to meet your business sales goals. There is no long-term commitment.

Let Us Bring Sales Leads to You

Your business receives a customized online advertising campaign presented to mobile phone users searching on Google™ search engine. Other online advertising takes customers to your website, but SmartCalls delivers calls directly to your business. We promote your business on Google™ search engine to receive calls from people searching specifically for your type of business from their mobile phones. does everything for you each month to ensure our campaign is delivering calls.